Anatomy of a wood repair



Showing the repair
around the drill holes in this mahogany cabinet door
so you have a reference point
from start to finish.

This first photo shows roughed up, chipped & scratched by me to show damage worse than we
usually find in the field.










I filled the damage holes (not the drill holes), then sanded it out.
Normally you would not to sand this much but the purpose is to show you an extreme case.








Color is applied, this is a special, fast drying dye I use on aniline leather and some plastics.
It is very transparent and
requires 10-15 coats to build up required tone which allows me to control perfectly how much wood grain shows through.









More color applied enough to my satifaction. You can see it is very cloudy. Some steel wool
will fix that right up.










One light coat of Mahogany
laquer is applied and blends the
dye color beautifully











Finished product, clear coat
applied and blended.